Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Story

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women" - Maya Angelou

Hi I am Nicky Founder and Local Mobile App & Mobile Ready Websites for Smartphones and Tablets. Located in Croton on Hudson, Westchester County, NY. NCB Group was established in January, 2015, but the planning process took more than 5 years. We are a Mobile App and Beauty Company. Our priority is ensuring your success. Whether you're seeking to expand your services, increase your marketing or enhance your online presence, we're here to ensure that the process is well-planned and executed. We are experienced in a mobile app industry an all-in-one marketing tool, thus ensuring you get the most professional service every time.

I am a mom of two son's Alexander 21 and Steven 15 and being a mom didn't mean, I had to give up my career completely (well I did in a sense). I just need to be more creative about how to pursue my business. I completed my two year degree in Computerized Office Administration at the College of Westchester,(formally known as Westchester Business of Institute), but unfortunately I did not graduate with my class mates, I was in the emergency room trying to save my unborn baby, now a beautiful young man 21 years.

NCB Group of Companies was started out of the need for me to have control of my life and not having to depend on anyone for financial stability. As a mom I experienced set backs and complete failure in efforts to establish a successful business. I became a Marykay Consultant, Independent Travel Consultant twice, I tried selling Insurance, Energy, various products and services, Gift baskets and I found it difficult to build a team to create an income that would sustain me during my time home with my kids. It was the most difficult process for me in Network Marketing, getting people to presentations, building a business was daunting, people lead very busy lives. I am back in the beauty business, I love makeup, jewelry and looking beautiful and helping women look and feel beautiful as well. Check out my blog see what I do now. Click here...

Over time with my experience and frustrations and learning plenty of valuable and sometime expensive lessons along the way, and meeting lots of women who were lost when tragedy struck, some had no experience in how to proceed in legal matters, paying bills, knowing about their life insurance, investments, and having knowledge of every aspects financially, and not leaving it entirely to their men in their lives to take care of.

Having experience and the knowledge of some of the network marketing companies, I really believed there was always a way to help to successful in their lives, show mom's how they can market their business and be successful, how to have access to the needed services, when there is a tragedy.

After 5 years of learning free marketing strategies, online training/webinars, countless sleepless nights, trial and errors, costly mistakes, penalties, (Google Slap) lost all of my blogs, and believe me I felt like giving up, but that feeling of being lost, that feeling of being abandoned, some of those feelings drove me for the last year to keep going and to help women have knowledge that could mean their success in their lives. I am in a better place now. I felt comfortable and confidence that I can established and registered my company on January 5, 2015 in Westchester County, built my website for free, created my blogs again, built up my Twitter page, Google page, Facebook Fan page within one year, and on par to be Inc. 2018.

For 2017 through mobile apps, I want to connect women of various stages of their business whether newly established or have been in business for a number of years to be connected and to be more than just giving tips, inspirational quotes, advice and ideas, but actual tools and support to be effective in their business, and in their lives. Making use of a mobile app as part of your business is one of the most convenient option that most users prefer, as they use their mobile devices for various tasks, and being on mobile is a strong business-customer relationships, leading to increase customer loyalty and better business growth as female entrepreneurs. It also open doors, and options that most women may not know or have access too, just by having an app.

Building a mobile and online community for women in business who would like to grow their business and to help women connect with each other products and services regardless of what stage of their business or what experiences in their lives. We all can benefit from each other experience, struggles, triumphs. Why should we work alone if we can work together with others. As women we want to promote each other's business and journey's through social media, blogs, newsletters and communities like this.

My goal is to 1. Have Women Leaders pass along their experiences. 2. Pool Resources. 3. Mentor-ship. Wouldn't be great to be part of a community like this. Join my new Google Community at the top right and let's collaborate.
  • Provide free business audit
  • Google Hangouts (Guest speakers and interview members about their business)
  • Featured companies in the community and mobile app
  • Women in Business Monthly Magazine(coming soon)
  • Twitter, Google & Blog Marketing
  • Inspiring Success stories
  • Meetup for product knowledge for women
  • Step by step guide in:  Self-Improvement, Networking, Productivity, Collaboration, Social & Mobile Marketing and more.
  • Business Plans, Accountability, Support and Live Skype chat
  • A Guide to building a blog for your business using Blogger platform
  • Created an amazing monthly membership mobile app for Women In Business to advertise their business and to connect with other women, just with a tap of their finger tip and more.
My journey continues...

PS: Join my New Google Community top right. Welcome!